Voter Registration

Perhaps nothing is more fundamental to the preservation of a democratic system than the right to vote.  In order to exercise this right, however, U.S. citizens first have to register to vote. Voter registration enables individuals and political parties to be fairly recognized in the political process.

Voting and, by extension, voter registration represents the citizen’s right to participate in governmental affairs.  It is a powerful form of self-expression, an opportunity to stand up for humane and compassionate values and to influence the outcome of state and federal elections.

Voter registration serves to promote fairness and equality during the voting process by ensuring that citizens only vote once per election and only for the place in which they reside.  In addition, registration helps to provide useful data on the voting population, which information can be used later to encourage voter turnout and other acts of civic engagement, just to name a few.  Everyone deserves a chance to be heard.

For a new political party such as the Humane Party, voter registration can aid candidates in their respective campaigns. The number of registered votes determines whether the name of a candidate’s party appears on the ballot next to that candidate’s name.  This number may also determine the order in which candidates and their parties appear on the ballot.  Essentially, in order for candidates and their parties to be recognized in these ways, a certain number of registered voters must be attained as required by the state in which they are running for office.

Finally, registration can help new party candidates and their parties obtain funding, which can help with the success of future campaigns.

To help the Humane Party register voters, please submit the volunteer form.