Goals Statement

To attract the people and resources necessary to realize the vision, the Humane Party will seek to:

  • Be the change. Establish an organizational culture that embodies compassion, kindness, cooperation, responsibility, accountability, empathy, enthusiasm, promise and prosperity.
  • Build the vehicle. Coordinate so as to be effective and efficient at winning elections with skilled candidates who live and lead according to humane ideals.
  • Project the vision. Communicate the opportunities and advantages that the Humane Party uniquely offers the United States of America.
  • Sow the seeds. Seed, nurture and grow chapters in all states and territories.
  • Harvest the votes. Elect Humane Party candidates to serve as
    1. U.S. President and
    2. a majority in both houses of Congress.
  • Finish the job. Collaborate to pass the legislation necessary to achieve the mission and realize the vision for our nation.