Discrimination and Harassment Policy


The Humane Party seeks to enable all team members to enjoy a safe and fair environment in which to pursue the goals which brought us together. Toward that end, the HP will not tolerate any act of harassment, including sexual harassment, or discrimination on the basis of gender, sex, marital status, choice of spouse or partner, race, ethnicity, country of origin, religion, age, or disability (“unfair discrimination”).


Person(s) (“complainant(s)”) who feel that they have been subjected to unfair discrimination or harassment are encouraged to promptly communicate a report to the HP’s ombudsperson. The report should contain information pertaining to:

(i) the nature of the conduct that is the subject of the report;
(ii) the identity of the individual(s) (“reported party”) who allegedly engaged in such conduct; and
(iii) the approximate time and location of the conduct.

After having filed such a report, complainant(s) are recommended to discontinue any further contact with the reported party.

After reviewing the report, the HP ombudsperson will take one or more of the following actions:

  • discuss the report with the HP staff coordinator, the HP board, or another appropriate individual within the organization;
  • contact the complainant(s) for more information or for complainant’s preferred course of action;
  • contact the reported party to discuss the report or conduct;
  • ask the reported party to discontinue further participation in the organization; and/or
  • if no action is believed to be warranted, explain to the complainant(s) why no action is believed to be warranted.

Improving this Policy

This policy is a work in progress, and all members of the HP community are encouraged to provide comments, criticisms, and suggestions for improvement of this policy. This policy is not a contract, and it is neither intended to nor shall it be construed to limit, extend, give rise to, or extinguish any legal rights or duties.