The Humane Manual of Style

A Guide to the Humane Use of Language

The Humane Manual of Style is a handbook for use in communicating in a manner that signals and engenders respect and honor for others. This document has been created in recognition that words both reflect and reinforce thoughts and behaviors. In light of this interplay between word, thought and deed, language has a key part to play in the modern transition away from an exploitation-based and exclusion-based approach to others and toward a responsibility-based and relationship-based model.


Serial Publication Has Begun

The Humane Party has been developing The Humane Manual of Style since the earliest days of the organization. Originally, the document was expected to simply point out abusive expressions that are in common usage. But as the project developed, the writers and editors of the Manual came to appreciate that achieving a comprehensive guide to the responsible use of spoken and written language would require a much deeper analysis.

Finishing touches are being applied to a first edition of the Manual. During this time, individual portions of the Manual are being published in serial form for public review and comment.


Portion 1: Pronouns: Using Appropriate Gender