Social Media Team Member Role

Expected time requirement: 6hrs/month.

As a Social Media volunteer for the Humane Party, you will be given the opportunity to have a direct impact on the goal of the Humane Party to be seen, heard, and remembered in a positive way.


  • Support the Humane Party outreach calendar and coordinate with the graphic artists to update our social media sites as called for.
  • Participating in a bi-weekly team call.
  • Communicating regularly with a diverse team.
  • Responsibly manage confidential information.

About the Humane Party

The Humane Party emerged in 2009 as the U.S.’s first vegan, abolitionist political party. All candidates, officers, and board members are required to execute the Humane Party Oath, thereby indicating, among other things, that they are vegan personally and abolitionist politically. The party’s goals include abolishing animals’ property status, banning the genetic modification of animals and uncontained release of GMOs into contact with the natural environment, guaranteeing LGBT rights, and replacing the electoral college with direct democracy.