New York City Political Resource

Starting January 2020, the Humane Party began work to build a political resource to support vegans interested in political office on the New York City Council. It is an exciting milestone for the Humane Party!

We choose New York City as our first location to build vegan resources for campaigns because of the great support that campaigns receive in New York State and New York City. We will provide information on matching funds available for campaigns, as well as other funds available for women as they work towards taking on the role of public service.

The resource under construction for New York City will provide the template that we will use across the country. This resource (future state) will provide local vegans with guidance around complex campaign finance rules. The information we provide will help them get their campaign started, and access local resources to assist them. This incubator for vegan political action at the local level will give vegan politicians a leg up in their journey.

A working group is currently meeting on a semi-weekly basis to build out the framework for this resource. We need YOU and others to volunteer and assist in the creation of this resource. Volunteer today and then share this with your friends!

What type of volunteers do we need? High priority today are content creators (web, social media) and researchers (campaign finance, campaign requirements), people in and around New York City.

  • Audio/Video/Photography
  • Campaign Strategy
  • Candidates for Office
  • Design (Graphics, Website)
  • Endorsements
  • Fundraising
  • Information Technology
  • Law/Paralegal
  • Management
  • Local Platform/Policy
  • Research: Culture
  • Research: Accounting
  • Research: History
  • Research: International
  • Research: Science/Technology
  • Social Media
  • Voter Registration

Don’t see something you are interested in but want to be involved, get in touch through the volunteer form and we will talk with you and find how you can help.